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Seychelles, one of the world’s very last frontiers, promises adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still untouched by man.

MAHE : Places Of Interest


Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden Is In Keeping With The Original French Tradition Of 18th Century Spice Trade. From Its Location Atop Hills And Across Valleys , The Garden Boast Rows Of Vanilla Vines, Citronelle, Cinnamon, Nut Meg, Pepper And Other Spices As Well As Medicinal And Endemic Plants That Offer A Real Experience Of “Nature At Its Best.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 2.6 km
  • Opening Hours : 10:00 – 17:30 every day
  • Location : Domaine de L'Enfoncement
  • Time to Spend : 2 hours to Half Day


Located In Mont Fleuri On The Outskirts Of Victoria, The Botanical Garden Is One Of Seychelles’ Oldest National Monuments, Dating Back More T Han A Century. A wide variety of Spice and fruits trees most of which can only be seen in this garden. An added attraction is the population of giant tortoises from Aldabra, some of which are over 150 years old. Fruit bat colonies can be found feeding or roosting in the taller trees overhead and the latest feature is an Orchid House which holds a collection of brightly coloured Orchids Including Seychelles’ own native Orchids.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 18 km
  • Opening Hours : 08:00 – 17:00 every day
  • Location : Victoria
  • Time to Spend : 2 hours to Half Day


The Victoria Clock Tower Or Lorloz As It Is Better Known In Creole, Is The Most Prominent Feature Of Seychelles’ Small Capital, And Has Acted As A Focal Point For Nearly 100 Years. While All Around Massive Transformation Has Taken Place In The Town Centre, With Modern Building Of Concrete And Glass Springing Up, The Clock Tower Has Remained Virtually Unchanged.
The Clock Tower Is One Of Seychelles’ National Monuments.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 19 km
  • Time to Spend : Half Day
  • Location : Victoria


The Stretch Of Small Rock-Fringed Coves Along The Coast Of Anse Royale On The South-Eastern Coast Of Mahe, From The Area Known As Fairy Land Down To Anglican Church At Anse Royale, Is An Enchanting Place F Or Swimming And Snorkeling. The Best Areas For Snorkeling Are Around The Rocks At Fairy Land And Up To The Small Island Just Off T He Coast, Where There Are Myriad Brightly Colored Coral Fish. The Water Here is enclosed behind a Reef, Which Keeps out the Larger Fish and its Fairly Shallow.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 1 km
  • Time to Spend : Half Day, best for snorkeling

No Visit To La Plaine St Andre Would Be Complete Without Visiting The Trois Frere Distillery Followed By A Rum-Tasting. Follow The Process From Cane Crushing To Fermentation, Distillation And Finally Sample Ou Award Winning Range.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 19 km
  • Location : Au Cap, Mahé
  • Art Gallery and Boutique: 1000hrs – 1700hrs
  • Tour of Trois Frère Distillery, Grounds and Garden: 1030hrs to 1330hrs Monday to Friday
  • For groups of over 10 persons, Saturday tours are possible by appointment
  • Closed; Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Day 


Over The Years, The National Library Expanded Into More Specialized Services Such As The Children Section, The Reference Section, And A Special Collection On Indian Ocean Among Others. Parallel To The Development Of The Main Library On Mahe, Branch Libraries Were Also Set Up On Praslin And La Digue.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 18.5 km
  • Location : Francis Rachel St
  • Time to Spend : 04 Hrs


Beau Vallon Beach Is A Bay On The North Western Coat For Mahe In The Seychelles. Beau Vallon Is A Very Frequented And One Of The Most Popular Beaches On The Island. It Is Known As A Base For Diving And Snorkeling Due To Its Clear Waters And Coral Reefs.
  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 23 km
  • Time to Spend : Half Day to Full Day


Sometimes Called Port Victoria)Is The Capital City Of The Seychelles And Is Situated On The Eastern Side Of Mahe, The Archipelago’s Main Island. With Its Many Attractions In The City Including The Clock Tower, National Museum And The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. Victoria Market Is The Local Hotspot For The Seychellois People And The Brightly Colored Fish And Fruit Markets Are Not To Be Missed, Also Nearby Is The Gallery Of The Renowned Local Artist Georges Camille.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 19 km
  • Time to Spend : 02 Hrs


Domain De Val De Pres (Craft Village) Consist Of Five Attractions Highlighting Creole Architecture, Arts And Craft, And Gastronomy: The Gran Kaz’ Plantation House Built Around 1870; ‘La Kaz Rosa’ A Typical 20th Century Working Class Home, 12 Craft Workshops That Host Local Crafts, And Finally; The Maison De Coco, A House Built Of Coconut Products In Which You Will Find Gifts Made From Coconut.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 3.9 km
  • Location : Anse au Cap, Victoria
  • Time to Spend : 02 Hrs


The Natural History Museum Hosts Exhibitions That Not Only Illustrate The Flora, Fauna And Geological History Of Seychelles, But Serve To Enlighten Visitors About Major Environmental Concerns With The Aim Of Promoting Positive Attitudes And Actions In Conserving Our Natural Heritage.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 19 km
  • Location : Victoria
  • Opening Hours : 08.30 – 16:00 from Mondays - Thursdays
  • Closes at noon on Fridays
  • Open from 09:00 – 13:00 on Saturdays


Situated Just Below The Summit Of Sans Soucis, Once The Site Of A Farm And Boarding Scholl For Liberated Slave Children That Open In 1876, It Was First Known As ‘Venn Town’ And Then Renamed; Capucin’ Ruins Of Venn Own Can Still Be Seen At The Beginning Of An Avenue That Leads To The Viewing Lodge That Commands A Breath Taking View Of Verdant Mountain Sides, And The Vast Azure Ocean Above Which Majestic Tropic Birds Glide. Here, Tranquility and Stunning Natural Beauty Will Conspire To Win Your Heart.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe –26 km
  • Location : La Bastille, Ma Joie, Mahé
  • Timings : Daytime


The Original Church Dedicated To St Paul The Apostle And Standing On Sire Of The Present Cathedral, Was Consecrated On 14 May 1859. The First Bishop of Mauritius, Vincent William Ryan Over the Years, the Building Has Been Extended Twice, With a New Tower in 1910, And With a Relocated and Sanctuary In 1978

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Mahe – 19 km
  • Location : Revolution Avenue, Mahe
  • Timings Mon  :  12.15 hrs
  • Timings Tue   :  06.30 hrs
  • Timings Wed  :  09. 00 hrs
  • Timings Thu   :  06.30hrs, 12.00 hrs & 13.00 hrs
  • Timings Fri     :  06.30hrs


PRASLIN : Places of Interest


Anse Kerlan Offers A Splendid View Of The Sun Setting Behind The Island Of Cousin And   Cousine.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Praslin – 6 km
  • Time to Spend : Half Day


The Vallée De Mai Is A Protected Nature Reserve. It Is The Only Place In The World Where The Coco De Mer Grows Can Be Seen. The Rare Nuts Have A Shape Reminiscent Of The Female Form; It Is Advisable To Make A Trip Here During The Morning Hours.

  • The Entrance Fees are 20 Euro for adults and kids free
  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Praslin – 2.7 km
  • Timing : 8am - 5.30 pm
  • Time to Spend : 02 Hrs


Anse Lazio Is The Most Beautiful Beach Of Praslin. Every View Is Worthy Of A Postcard, But One Must Watch Out For The Strong Undercurrents.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Praslin – 17 km
  • Time to Spend : Full Day


Anse Georgette Is Like A Small Jewel. One Can Get There From Anse Boudin And Anse Volbert By Water-Taxi In Very Short Order

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Praslin – 7.8  km
  • Time to Spend : Half Day to Full Day


Cote D’or Along With Shores Of Anse Volbert Bay Is An Expanse Of Soft White Sand Fringed With Palms And Yellow Sea Hibiscus. These Flowers Have A Deep Purple Centre Which Turns Orange By Afternoon. You Can Even Explore The Depths On A Night Dive If You Would Like To See Spiny Red Lobsters- Who Normally Hide Beneath Their Rock Overhangs- Strolling Along.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Praslin – 8.9  km
  • Time to Spend :  03 Hrs


Excursions To These Islands Are Organized By All Hotels; Enquire At The Reception Desk. A Wonderful Day-Trip Can Be Enjoyed On These Islands And Especially Worthwhile Is A Stop-Off At The Islet Of St. Pierre, Because Of The Variety Of Fish And The Crystalline Nature Of Water.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, Praslin – 4.6  km


LA DIGUE - Places of Interest


Near The Entrance To L’union Estate, The Road Turns Inland And Cuts Through An Area Of Marshland Known As La Mare Soupape (Soupap) Is The Kreol Name For The Terrapins, Or Mud Turtles, That Inhabit The Area). Beyond The Marsh, the Road Climbs Steeply and It Is Quite an Effort to Cycle or Walk To the Crest of the Hill. Perseverance Is Rewarded with Stunning Views as the Road Descends through Thick Vegetation to the Velvety Sands, Granite Outcrops and Turquoise Waters of Grand Anse, The Island’s Largest Beach. It’s A Perfect Place to Relax and Picnic, But the Sea Can Be Wild and Dangerous, Particularly Between June and September, When the Waves Create a Powerful Undertow. A Footpath Leads Northeast Of Grand Anse Towards Two More Magical Bays. Often Deserted, The White Sands of Petite Anse and Anse Coco’s are Also Surrounded by Spectacular Rock Formations.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, La Digue – 3  km
  • Approx. Time Spent: 03 Hrs


Ferries From Baie Ste Anne Arrive At The Tranquil Harbor Of La Passe, A Haven For  Yachts And Schooners That Shelter Close To The Palm-Fringed Shore. There Are a Number of Grand Plantation-Style Houses at La Passe, Gracefully Growing Old and, On The Whole, Well Maintained. The Quiet Fish Market by the Jetty Turns into a Hive of Activity When the Fishermen Bring In Their Catches. The Flat Coastal Plateau And Its Beaches As Far As L’union Estate To The South Of La Passe Are Easily Explored On Foot.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, La Digue – 2.2  km
  • Approx. Time Spent: 03 Hrs


Renowned as One of Seychelles’ Most Beautiful Beaches, Anse Source d’Argent (Bay Of  The Silver Spring) Is Reached By Following The Palm-Shaded Trail That Runs Past La Digue Rock And The Plantation House. There Are No Facilities Here At All, But That Is Part Of Its Beauty. The Silver White Sands Are Framed By Giant Granite Boulders and Perfectly Positioned Palms – The Ultimate in Exotic Backdrops and A Popular Spot for Fashion Shoots. A Coastal Path, Easy To Follow On Foot, Continues Southward Past A Series Of Equally Beautiful Coves.

  • Distance from Le Relax Hotel, La Digue – 900 meter
  • Approx. Time Spent: 03 Hrs


Distances from Le Relax Restaurant & Hotel


Airport 10 KM
Beau Vallon 23.5 KM
Craft Village 10 KM
Eco Muesem 3 KM
Intendence Beach 21 KM
Les Canelles Road 7 KM
Les Jardin Le Roi 6 KM
Morne Seychelles 26.5 KM
North Point 29.5 KM
North East Point 27.5 KM
Port Gluad 33.5 KM
Police Bay 17.5 KM
Reef Golf Club 5 KM
Tea Plantation 29.5 KM
Takamaka Beach 14 KM
Victoria 19 KM

Distances from Le Relax Beach Resort

Airport, Amitie                                                       02    KM
Anse Georgette Beach, Anse Kerlan               05    KM
Anse Lazio Beach, Anse Lazio                          17    KM
Blue Marine Drive Centre, Anse La Blague  03   KM
Durand Art Studio, Baie St. Anne                     12    KM
Hospital, Baie St. Anne                                     11 KM
Jetty, Baie St. Anne                                            08    KM
Oxygen Discotheque, Baie St. Anne                10    KM
Pearl Farm, Amitie                                              02    KM
Police Station, Grand Anse                                 02    KM
Post Office, Grand Anse                                     02   KM
Petrol Station, Grand Anse                                  02    KM
The Jungle Night Club, Grand Anse                  05   KM
Tante Mimi Casino, Cote D’or                            12 KM
Vallée De Mai, Baie St. Anne                              06   KM

Distances from Le Relax Beach House

Jetty                                                                        02    KM
Hospital                                                                 01    KM
Petrol Station                                                        02    KM

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